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Return Policy

After you place an order to pay in Gm2zone, it will be assumed that you have read and understood this policy. Therefore, please read this policy carefully before placing an order to pay.

Gm2zone is a formal game trading platform. Except for normal platform transactions, it will not allow you to transfer money, pay by scanning codes and other operations in any name. After the normal application for refund is verified and confirmed by our customer service, the funds will be returned by the original way through the payment order information. If you encounter a fake customer service on this platform who asks you to transfer money or pay by scanning the code in the name of refund or other names, please do not believe it.

Place an order in Gm2zone, and you will enjoy a 72 hour protection policy (except for confirmed receipt) from the time you pay. During this period, if the goods you receive cannot be used or do not conform to the description, you can apply to us for a refund. If the goods exceed 72 hours, they will not be refunded. Please understand in detail.

The buyer must confirm the receipt after confirming that the goods received can be used and conform to the description of the product list. When you confirm the receipt, it indicates that there is no problem with the goods you receive, and gives up the 72 hour protection policy. An order that has confirmed receipt indicates that the transaction has been completed, and that you are satisfied with the item you purchased and agree to release the payment to the seller. If the buyer does not file a claim or complaint within 72 hours after the seller delivers the goods, the buyer is deemed to have accepted the goods or services purchased. There will be no refund for confirmed receipt and completed orders.

If the account purchased in Gm2zone is found, Gm2zone will give the buyer an appropriate refund according to the situation. If your funds do not enter the platform but conduct private transactions, the platform will not be responsible or refunded in case of non delivery of payment or false goods.