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Trading Rules

Seller's Rules and Regulations

1. The seller shall complete the transaction within the guaranteed transaction time according to the transaction mode selected by the customer. If the seller does not deal according to the transaction method, the seller should be responsible for the subsequent problems, and Gm2zone has the right to conduct subsequent processing. Reputable sellers with delivery time guarantee will attract more customers. Sellers should always log in to their accounts and stay online. The seller's sales list will show whether the seller is online. Frequent online help to increase the purchase rate of customers.

2. The seller needs to upload transaction screenshots (pre transaction and post transaction screenshots) or videos on the order page after the transaction is completed. And provide more transaction evidence about GamerProtect.

3. The seller is not allowed to cancel the order actively. If the order is cancelled due to the Seller's reason, the Seller shall provide additional compensation. In addition, if you need to ensure the authenticity of the product, when the buyer places an order, you must trade to the buyer according to the product information you have passed. Therefore, please ensure that the description and screenshots are accurate when submitting the list of products.

4. The seller and buyer shall trade normally in Gm2zone.Avoid trading in private to avoid losses caused by fraud. The seller is not allowed to provide or accept private transactions to the buyer for any reason. If there are violations, the account will be permanently sealed once found.

6. Sellers are not allowed to register multiple accounts to purchase their own lists. In this case, the seller will be severely punished or even banned.

7. If the seller's problem causes the customer's transaction or payment dispute, such as delayed transaction, the product cannot be used, or the transaction voucher is not provided as required, the seller shall bear all expenses incurred.

8. If the seller cancels the order due to delivery delay, account sold, pricing error and other reasons, if the buyer wants to refund to the payment gateway, the seller shall bear the relevant handling fees.

9. After the buyer pays the transaction amount of the order, the Gm2zone platform will detain it for 3 days. During this period, if the buyer has any problems, the Gm2zone platform will deal with them and refund them according to the situation. If the buyer confirms the receipt, the Gm2zone platform will transfer the transaction funds to the account provided by the seller.

Private transactions

We attach great importance to all kinds of transactions conducted through the Gm2zone platform, but occasionally customers encounter malicious fraud. We ensure that the orders transacted and completed on the Gm2zone platform have been protected by GamerProtect. Private transactions will not receive any mediation or compensation guaranteed by Gm2zone, because Gm2zone will not assume any responsibility for transactions outside the website.

In view of the violation of the seller's provision of private transactions to customers, the website has specially formulated policies to try to avoid this phenomenon. No matter what the intention is, as long as we violate this provision of the website, we will take measures to ensure the transaction security of loyal customers. If a seller or buyer is found to have offered a private transaction to a customer through Gm2zone, their account will be sealed. If the buyer or seller tries to induce private transactions, they should immediately contact us to report, so as to prevent themselves and others from unnecessary fraud.

Buyer's regulations and protection

1. The buyer shall refuse to accept or agree to the private transaction provided by the seller. Protect yourself from fraud.

2. Private transactions will not receive any mediation or compensation guaranteed by Gm2zone, because Gm2zone will not assume any responsibility for transactions outside the website.

3. Once you find that a seller provides private transactions, please contact us immediately to report.