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PUBG VIP Season 2 Account | Mythic Fashion | Ultimate X-suit | Sports Cars | M416 & AKM Glacier Max | Three Mythic lobbies


  • Product Code: P7914
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Ex Tax: US$6,000.00
  • Season 2 Account Account Level: 78 Evo Level: 62 RP S2 to S19 Max RP M1 to M17 Max
  • S2 to M17 All Seasons ACE or Above
  • Royal Pass Supporter
  • Unique Destiny
  • Beard Unlocked
  • ALL Faces and Hairs Unlocked
  • ALL Cars and guns slots are open
  • Total Mythic emotes: 64+
  • Total Emotes: 158+ Total Helmets & bagpacks: 120+ legendary Helmets & bagpacks: 85+ Mythic Helmets & bagpacks: 4+ Conqueror Season 4 Conqueror Season 7 Conqueror Season 8 Conqueror Season 9 Conqueror Season 10 Conqueror
  • lobbies
  • Stranger Town Parmanent Mythic Lobby
  • Cyberpunk Hanger Parmanent Mythic Lobby
  • Street Art Theme Parmanent Mythic Lobby
  • Monument Tour Parmanent Legendary Lobby Guns Total Guns skins: 300+ Upgraded Guns Total upgradable weapons: 27+ Total guns max: 12+ Glacier - M416 (max) Glacier - AKM (max) The Fool - M416 (max) Hellfire - AKM (max) 8-Bit Unicorn - M762 (max) Ethereal Beauty - Mini14 (max) Gilded Reaper - Vector (max) Tasty Cheese - Pan (max) Thorn of Malice Scar-L (max) Enigmatic Killer - DP28 (max) Flamewave - AWM (max) Starcore - M762 (max) imperial Splendor - M416 (lvl-4) Glided Galaxy - Mk14 (lvl-3) Romantic Moments - UZI (lvl-2) Enchanted Pumpkin Scar-L (lvl-1) Blood Tooth - Vector (lvl-1) Starcore - M762 (lvl-1) icicle - Mini14 (lvl-1) Drop the Bass - SCAR-L (lvl-1) EMP - UMP45 (lvl-1) River Styx - Groza (lvl-1) Mystech - UZI (lvl-1) River Styx - Groza (lvl-1) Blood & Bones - M16A4 (lvl-1) Field Commander - AWM (lvl-1) Circle of Life - M24 (lvl-1) Outfits Total outfits: 1000+ (dresses+Headgears+Masks+shirts+Pants+shoes) Total mythic outfits in Achievements: 125+ Total legendary outfits: 300+ X-Suits Golden Pharaoh X-Suit (7-Star) Ultimate MAX Arcane Jester X-Suit Max Blood Raven X-Suit (3-Star) iridescence X-Suit (1-Star) Ultimate Sets Light Nebula Ultimate Complete Set Spectral Swan Ultimate Complete Set Nether Visage Ultimate Complete Set Bloody Noon Ultimate Complete Set Rare Mythic Outfits Smooth Hitman Set (Cat) illusion Judge Set Gunslinger Set Sea serpent Set Sleek Agent Set Vampire Set White Mummy Set Yello Mummy Set (Underworld Guide Set) The Fool Set Godzilla's Carapace Set Fiend Huntress Set Nordic Ravager Set Victorian Maiden Set Jade Battlecat Set Netherbringer Set Eminent Seer Set Profane Templar Set Star Gazer Set Cyber Sprite Set General Nutcracker Set Royal Butterfly Set Dystopian Survivor Set Day Dream Set Abyssal Judge Set Fright Night Set Spectral Ranger Set Devil wings Set Underworld Adjudicator Set Vehicles Total vehicles 48+ Sports vehicles 6+ Sports Cars Koenigsegg Jesko (Silver Gray) McLaren Koenigsegg Gemera (Dawn) Dacia Tesla Roadster Amethyst Dacia Robust Night City UAZ Robust Wild UAZ Maserati MC20 Rosso Vincente McLaren Upgraded Vehicles Enchanted Pumpkin UAZ (max) Castle Dacia (max) Pumpkin Dacia (max) Other Demanding Vehicles Nether Visage Mythic Bike
  • Characters
  • Andy MAX Carlo MAX Sara MAX Anna MAX Victor MAX Riley MAX Sophia MAX Emilia MAX Lorenzo Max
  • Companions
  • -Spirit Kitty Max -Baron Pumpkin Mythic Max -Cat -Dog -Falcon Lv-4
  • Achievement Points = 6765+
  • Popularity Above 5000K+ (5 Million) -Titles = 45+ -Avatar = 80+ -Avatar Frame = 55+ -Name Tags = 20+
  • Logins: Twitter (Email and number instant changeable)
  • Note: All details on this website are filled in by players, and all pictures in details are uploaded manually by players. Please confirm the account information with the seller before ordering.

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